Wealthy India

We dream to provide funds to thousands of Jobless peoples in India by contributing each other and one steap towards making India Super Power.

Help Each Other

In this helping plan we are helping each other directly so their is no product purchase or any Investment as like other plans in India, our vision is simple...

No Branching

Like other products here is no condition/system to join peoples on your left or right. This is simple single leg helping plan to fulfill your dreams.

5 Days Assured

System doublized your investment on 3rd day and maximum on 5th day for every user who use our of 500 ka DUM portal

How System Works

System takes Rupees in terms of 500 from every user and Give this amount to your preveous members, as you reffer our portal to your friends and family you get 100RS for every refferal. When existing members add new members and they donate then money rotates to you. And same way it goes on and every member gets benefited.

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